Learning & Trainingdesign

When it comes to designing learning processes, adults are a challenging "audience". They bring a lot of experience and ask for knowledge that they can use immediately.

Passing on expert knowledge is not enough to make learning processes stimulating. Interactive learning methods make workshops more entertaining for the learners but also less predictable for the trainers. This can make trainers feel uncomfortable.

I create a learning space in which you can experiment.

In my train-the-trainer seminars, you will learn more about experienced-based learning. You will learn how to design an appealing (e-) learning process. You will try out new learning methods in a safe environment. This experience will strengthen your ability to work with groups.

Why teaching is more than filling an empty bucket

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."


My train-the-trainer programs are primarily tailored for experts in vocational or university education. I support you in deepening your knowlegde on adult learning and strengthening your training skills. I am happy to support you in designing e-learning programmes. 

Are you about to hold a workshop or a course and would like support or feedback on your training design?

Then individual coaching is exactly the right thing. Get in touch with me for a first free consultation!

My own experience:


The request waiting in my inbox at the beginning of the day is directed at me as a coach and learning consultant. A group of experts who are delivering a training together want to redesign the entire programme. In order to achieve the desired result, they would like to take advantage of a didactic-methodological consultation. In a preliminary talk we discuss their specific needs and develop a plan to tackle this task. For preparation, the group shares the materials already used, which are to be revised together with the new training design.

How participants decribe their experience:

Most of your hints and ideas proved to be worth their weight in gold and I also applied them in my daily work. I had a very good experience but also realized room for improvement. One has to keep working on oneself. ... I managed to convince my longstanding colleague that frontal teaching is not only boring, but also only a little knowledge stays....

Workshop participant „Tips and Tricks“ for Experts


Teaching Award of FHWien / WKO Vienna 2020/21 for innovative teaching in the category "Individual Innovative Elements"

References and experiences from the train-the-trainer programme at the "ReferentInnen-Akademie der AK und des ÖGB" offers some insights :


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