Participation & Action Research

Participatory research means research with people in their respective environments. Research should not happen for the sake of research, but to enable change. 

Let's create a space for participation through research.

"Action Research" aims at creating actions for change. A group of people (e.g. community, organisation) identifies the research questions they themselves consider relevant. This participatory process leads to change and transformation from within.


Why researchers are listeners

"The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen."

Rachel Naomi Remen

I use a comprehensive set of dialogical and participatory research methods to explore questions in the context of development research, community engagement and organisational development. 


References/ examples

As a qualitative researcher I lecture at the University of Innsbruck (Department of compartive educational science and communication) and the University of Vienna (Department for Development Research).

During an extensive annual research seminar I organized a field research lab in Uganda (2015) and Malawi (2016).


Together with Suzanne Zoller-Mathis I did a study on: „Culture and relationships“. We explored the influence of culture on the relationship between car-givers and children in foster care homes.

KulturBeziehung_Endbericht (pdf / 1,7 MB)

An evalution on a programme of inclusion at the "Kathi-Lampert Schule" was carried to highlight the lessons learned during this project.

Steixner_Evaluation_IBB_Götzis (pdf / 1,6 MB)